Sacha Baron Cohen 4

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r nailing Borat and Ali G, Sacha Baron Cohen faces his toughest task - playing Fred

die Mercury in a Queen bi

opic. The writer of the film is Peter Morgan, who penned The Queen (about the Queen), Frost/

Nixon (about Frost and Nixon)

, and the Last King Of Scotland (about

Kenny Dalglish). Producers hav

e access to some of Mercurys most famous tr


including Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are The Champions, We Will Rock You, and An

other One B

ites The Dust. I once played a Queen album back

wards. It sounded better. Shooting hasnt even started, yet Hi

lls offer 4-1 for Bar


n Cohen to be nominated for an Oscar and 16-1 to win a Best Actor Oscar. If he does it will surely not be for the Queen movie but for his fantastic body of work

that includes Ali G Inda House and Talladega Nights. ADDITIONAL REPORTING BY JOHN SHAW