Heidelberg car attack: First picture of suspect brandishing knife as police forced to highlight 'non

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  This is the first image of the suspect shot by German police after a car ploughed into a crowd of pedestrians. A 73-year-old man died from his injuries and two others remain in hospital after the incident in Heidelberg in the south-west of the country. Armed police later took a man into custody after a stand-off with a man armed with a knife. Dramatic footage posted online shows officers shouting commands at the man before one shot was fired. Police then apprehended the 35-year-old

suspect. The local police have taken to Twitter to clarify the incident is not being treated as terrorism and that the suspect does not have a migrant background. The Police Mannheim account has even gone to effort of confronting those spreading false information on Twitter. Footage posted

online purportedly shows the moment police sh

ot the driver (Image: Twitter / @APetchoice) The car had ploughed into a crowd of pedestrians (Image: Twitter / @APetchoice) Police stand near the spot where the suspect was shot (Image: Getty Images) Police surround the car after the pedestrians were mowed down (Image: Getty) Read MoreRelated ArticlesDriver ploughs into crowd of pedestrians in Heidelberg, Germany, leaving three people injured Police say the suspect was armed with a knife when he plough天台四方打一肖 ed into the pedestrians in front of a bakery at around 4pm local time on Saturday. Witnesses pointed him out to po

lice as he fled on foot and he was later shot in front of a row of shops and flats. Emergency personnel respond to the incident (Image: Getty Images) The car that rammed into the ped

estrians was rented (Image: Getty Images) Heavily-armed police officers were called to the scene (Image: Getty Images) Police opened fire after he allegedly ignored orders to drop the weapon, Heidelberg 24 reported. The suspect was seriously injured in the shooting and was receiving treatment in hospital. Investigators did not r

eveal the mans motives or background, but say a terror background was not suspected and he is thought to have acted alone. Local media reports suggested the man was suffering from mental health issues.  Forensic officers investigate at the

scene (Image: Twitter @raphael_rauch) The area has been cordoned off by police (Image: Twitter / @ PoliceMannheim)  The car drove into the crowd in a pedestrian area in Heidelbergs Bismarckplatz area, with the car coming to a stop near the entrance to the bakery. Hours later f

orensics teams in white outfits were seen examining the black car after it was cordoned off. Read More

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