Spurs 1st in table.. for stress

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  Fans of Tottenham Hotspur were the most stressed during last seasons Premier League, a study has revealed. Nail-biting finishes and last-minute letdowns were big factors - and narrowly missing success made suffering worse. West Ham wer

e second and Wigan third in the stress table, due mostly to relegation struggles. Middlesbrough fans were least stressed followed by Aston Villa and Blackburn. They benefited from not expecting triumphs or disasters, suggested the report by Lloydspharmacy. Tottenham fan Louise Guggenheim said: Spurs are a heart-stopping team to support

. They put us through agony every ga

me. This season could be even

worse after a bad star

t put manager Marti

n Jol in fear of

his job. Lloydspharmacys Chris Frost said: Following football can be highly stressful and have an impact on heart health.