Chocolate IS better than sex

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  Bad news fellas - it seems women really DO prefer chocolate to sex. In a

survey to discover what makes a woman happy, a bedroom frolic came in at a lowly No5 while chocolate was fourth. But the poll found women get most joy from being with their family, with being in love second and having a holiday third. Three in 10 said that their favourite present was a weekend away - the most popular choice i

n the survey of 2,000 women. Second favourite gift w

as being given cash for a shopping spree, which was a hit with 22 per cent of those quizzed. In third place came - surprise, surprise - chocolate again. More than a third of women said they were at their happiest at home. The next most popular spot wa

s by the seaside. And third best place for a spot of bliss was in bed. Sleeping, presumably. Shopping, a leisurely soak in the bath, eating at a restaurant or enjoying a drink in the pub all rated fairly highly in the

pleasure stakes. But most women told the survey for Princes Quay Shopping Centre in Hull that the best moment of their life was the birth of their first child, followed by meeting their partner and their wedding day. And a womans favourite way of cheerin

g herself up is by eating, shopping or having a glass of wine. A spo

kesman for the shopping centre said: Although we know shopping makes our visitors happy we were interested to see what else does. THINGS THAT MAKE WOMEN HAPPIEST 1. Being with family 2. Being in love 3. Holidays 4. Chocolate 5. Sex 6. Shopping 7. Being with friends 8. Christmas 9. Nights out with friends 10. Going out for dinner TOP 10 BEST GIFTS 1. A weekend away 2. Cash for a shopping spree 3. Chocolate 4. Flowers 5. A beauty treatment 6. A book 7. Perfume 8. Jewellery 9. Clothes 10. A CD HAPPIEST MOMENTS 1. At home 2. By the sea 3. In bed 4. Shopping 5. In the bath 6. At a restaurant 7. In the pub 8. At parents house 9. Out clubbing 10. At work GREATEST TIMES OF LIFE 1. The birth of your first child 2. Meeting your partner 3. W

edding day 4. Buying a house 5. Your graduation TOP 10 WAYS TO CHEER YOURSELF UP 1. Eating 2. Go on a shopping spree 3. Pour yourself a glass of wine 4. Have a cup of tea 5. Call your best friend 6. Watch telly 7. Watch a girlie movie 8. Go to the pub 9. Go to the gym 10. Go out on the town